Gas Cards & Gas Certificates are now available

They did it. They have launched the “Savings Society.” Tons and Tons of great insight at the Savings Society website. REMEMBER, the Disclaimer at the top of site makes it very [...]

Gas Certificates Available Soon

There was a brief period where I was unsure of the real possibility that the gas certificates would make it through to the launch, but it looks like it’s going [...]

Dave Brubaker MLM Update

Dave Brubaker sent this 3/5/2010
Fantastic Friday to all…
1. We received the “temporary” Hotel, Airline, Gas certificates and a
dozen of us have submitted them for redemption to see how long that
process [...]

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Gas Card Update from Dave Brubaker

Published on March 2nd, 20102 comment

Gas Card Update

On 3/1/10 Dave Brubaker wrote:

Dear “Patient” Friends,

I sincerely apologize for my lack of communication over the previous weeks… due to having to “hybernate” while consumed with the details of laying a firm foundation under a Dream we are bringing to fruition.

I sincerely apologize for and promise a steady stream of reports and email attachments from here on out to keep you abreast of our upcoming launch.

THANK YOU for your patience as we bring together a unique opportunity built…
… By network marketers who have walked in your shoes
… For network marketers who are tired from jumping from company to company
… and also non-network marketers who have found our industry just too difficult


3rd Corporate Team Member Added

Following an all day Saturday and Sunday interview with Andy in Charlotte, we have a new corporate team member, who we will be introducing to you on Tuesday evening as our new V. P. of Operations.

After having made over 1 million dollars his first 10 years with various companies, Rick began to work on the corporate side 6 years ago as a Director of Training and then later as the Director of Software Development for two start-up companies, (one of which was his own).

Over the past 15 years, Rick has been a cross-line leader (whose organization
surpassed mine) and then, later, as a valuable downline leader in my own organization with another company. He is very excited to be able to partner with us and we feel both honored (and relieved) that he has agreed to come on board.

His previous experience in Software Development, Corporate Development and Field Training not only bring valuable experience to the table but also valuable industry connections as well.

His first project is to move us to a different software platform that offers unlimited growth potential plus many more features including, but not limited to:
•    Being able to Place new people where you want them
•    Ability to have your monthly subscription drawn from commissions
•    More Attractive… more Powerful… more Trouble Free
•    Same system Rick used in his last 3 companies…

Also Introducing Tuesday Night -
•    For the First Time in our Industry – our “Rolling Fast-Start Bonus”
•    Our Private Branded “Savings Search Engine”
•    3 entry levels to choose from
•    Sneak Preview of our new Power Point sales presentation
•    Higher 3 x 10 Matrix payout option… now up to $352,563 monthly
•    Update on the verification process of our original certificate

THANK YOU for again your patience.

Dave Brubaker

Gas Certificate Update

Published on February 17th, 2010no comments

Gas Certificates

The rumored Gas Certificate program is still having conference calls and those in the “know” are so excited. “They” are telling us it is even better than they expected.

If you’re like me, you’ve done your homework. I have read dozens of reports on gas certificate scams and none of them resemble anything I’ve heard for this program. Still, where there’s an opportunity, there will be a scammer lurking in the shadows to pick off the uninformed.

Please, do your homework on anyone offering a gas certificate, gas card or anything resembling a gas certificate scam. I’m using this blog to share the ‘intel’ shared with me about this soon to be launched gas certificate MLM.

And, if you read previous posts, you know that by the time things launch it could be a travel voucher program, grocery certificates or pet supplies. Still, I believe they are going to roll out a gas certificate program for gas cards.

Come back for updates.

Gas Card Certificate MLM different?

Published on January 27th, 2010no comments

Why this Gas Certificate company believes they are different:

If you’ve been around this industry as far back as 1994, you may recall that several companies, since then, have attempted to sell pre-paid gas cards via network marketing using “vouchers”, “rebates”, or other gas card plans, and they have all been unsuccessful.

This approach is totally different from those companies. They will not be marketing gas cards. They will be offering gas card certificates only and will
have nothing to do with the gas card certificate redemption or the issuance of any pre-paid gas cards.

The gas card certificate redemption will be handled by the 13 year old advertising company referred to earlier.

Gas Card Compensation

Published on January 27th, 2010no comments

The Initial Gas Card Compensation Plan concept: Extremely Simple

  • One time $10 appreciation bonus for each new customer who signs up for gas card certificates though your replicated website and places their first order
  • Earn $1 monthly for each position in a 3 x 10 forced matrix (must be on autoship)
  • Because there are no Sign up Fees, no Website Fees, no Shipping and Handling charges and no reason not to join… everyone’s matrix should fill rapidly

The Gas Card Marketing System: No sign-up fee

  • The cost to join will be $39.90 ($19.95 x 2 certificates)
  • Everyone receives 2 gas card certificates every month by mail
  • Redeem one gas card certificate and Sell the other gas card certificate to a prospect for $19.95
  • As soon as your prospect redeems their gas card certificate and buys gas with their new pre-paid gas card, they’ll want to sign up right away!
  • If everyone in your matrix had just one person per month “sample” a gas card certificate, your personal matrix would double every 30 days.

Advantages of a Forced Matrix:

  • Start at the top day one with no levels to climb
  • Level playing field… Everyone has the same contract
  • Not holding back extra money to give to top achievers later
  • Easy to understand and explain to someone else
  • Dynamic compression temporarily removes inactive members prior to each commission run, allowing people beyond your 10th level to move up into a pay level.

Remember the disclaimer: EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Gas Card Certificate Rules

Published on January 27th, 20102 comment

Four Simple Gas Card Certificate Rules:

1. Gas Card Certificates may not be sold for more than $19.95
2. Gas Card Certificates may not be sold on E-bay
3. Only one gas card certificate redemption per month, per address
4. Agree to receive advertisements from program sponsors with your gift
card shipments, and occasional sponsored emails from the company

Can you handle a few more ads in exchange for some great discounts?

Remember the disclaimer: EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Not Just Gas Cards

Published on January 27th, 2010no comments

Initial concept being Tweaked as you read this: (nothing in stone right now)

The Product
A $19.95 certificate… issued by an advertising company that has been in the
certificate business for 13 years, that the holder (you) can redeem with the certificate issuing company (not us) with a $100 money order.
$119.95 for what?

  • Three (3) $100 pre-paid Gas Cards from the company of their choice
  • 16 major gas companies to choose from
  • Use it to buy gas or anything sold in the station’s convenience store
  • Plus a $25 Gift Card from one of 15 stores like Target, Subway, etc. (your choice)
  • Gas cards expire after 5 years

Bottom Line:

  • Spend $120 once a month to get back $325 (no brainer)
  • Sell unused $100 pre-paid cards and pocket the money
  • Use them for birthdays, or to show customer appreciation
  • Gift them to your favorite charity or save them for the future

Four Ways to Look at This:
1. Buying gas at 63% discount
2. $2.60/gallon at the pump becomes .96 per gallon
3. Buy $325 of pre-paid cards each month for only $120
4. Same as getting 170% per month RO I

Remember: These are the initial brainstorming ideas. When the company launches everything could be different.

Remember the disclaimer: EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Rumor about gas cards?

Published on January 27th, 2010no comments

Please, read this disclaimer about the Pre-Launch of the network marketing concept for gas card certificates:

Disclaimer- The information contained in this 4 page document is a pre-launch overview of a “proposed” company that is not yet open for business and may change between now and the companies official launch. This overview does not contain all the details pertaining to the official rules, regulations, guidelines, legalities etc. that will appear on the company’s official website and member agreement. We assume no responsibility or liability for claims made herein due to the fact that between now and the official launch date, changes and modifications are likely to occur. This is a “rough draft” overview only.

Here is the document referenced above: Not really the Gas Card Pre launch

Know that the company is constantly evolving right now. By the time you read this post, this gas card MLM will have evolved since I posted it.