They did it. They have launched the “Savings Society.” Tons and Tons of great insight at the Savings Society website. REMEMBER, the Disclaimer at the top of site makes it very clear that any and all of this info could be wrong and/or outdated by the launch date.

Yep – everything has changed and it is even better than hypothesized.

The soft launch was April 20th and the pioneers of this are being honest and upfront. Here is the welcome letter:

Over the last few months we have worked hard to get our program ready to launch. While we still have much work to do, we are planning to officially pre launch this company around the 1st of May. This being the case there are several things you need to know. Pre launch means you will be able to enroll new members, retail memberships, receive 2 for 1 gas certificates and earn commissions. Your membership fees will be charged to you credit card and we will deliver membership benefits in a timely manner. However, there will be errors, mistakes, and other bumps in the road. We need YOUR help, as the pioneers of this opportunity, to be patient, report problems and offer solutions if you like. We promise to work hard to resolve all issues and do our best to come up with solutions to prevent further issues. It’s like we are build a star ship that has never been flown. There are no exact instructions. We have a good idea how she will fly but we are still working out the details as we go. 

Not everyone will be comfortable enrolling during our Soft launch. That is understandable. Not every piece is in its place yet. Some will want to read every word of every document. Great. Some will want to wait and see how it all gets put together. Great. BUT I will leave you with this TRUTH: Successful people simply do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do when building a successful business. What are you willing to do?


Rick Campbell
Vice President of Operations
$avings Society, Inc.